Saturday, September 3, 2011


We left our small stinky, cold apartment in Lehi for a BIGGER BETTER apartment in Lindon....I love our place we live in a basement apartment! Our landlord is the BEST and so sweet! I love living here and I'm afraid I might never leave haha! The best thing about this place is I don't have to share the washer and dryer so I can wash my clothes whenever I want and if I want I can leave them in there! We also have a dishwasher I've never had a dishwasher in my life...needless to say Jamin does the dishes mostly cause I'm not to good at loading it!

This is our cute kitchen....we don't have that table anymore I sold it to pay off some bills!

Our washer and dryer its sooooo nice to have our own and not have to share I don't have to ask the neighbors to take there clothes out of the dryer.

The living room.....we have gotten a bigger TV that Jamin loves so much and it was FREE!(the one good thing about Jamins job)

The doesn't look like this anymore I took these pictures after we moved and I have done some redecorating. I love the bathroom cause there is a tub that I can enjoy a nice hot bubble bath my favorite.

Our bedroom it is nice and has 2 awesome closets one of each of us!

I love our little place so much and believe it or not its a lot bigger and the same price as the one we lived in before!


April said...

Wow! Its much bigger than I imagined. I like it a lot. I can't wait until I can visit.
And it makes me happy that you use the quilt I made you :)

Anonymous said...

Granny likes the new apt, also. it looks real nice. I am glad you are back on blogging. love you