Sunday, October 2, 2011


For Jamins birthday this year I got us tickets to the BYU Utah game......lets just say it was a waste of $140 and a birthday present! We lost 54-10 I was ashamed to be wearing my blue shirt.....we had to walk to the car with our head down! It was very depressing!

I forgave BYU for their horrible loss and decided to give them a second chance! We got Jamins grandparents tickets to the BYU Florida game.....and we WON! It was a good game! haha I know most of you reading this and the ones that really know me know I HATE FOOTBALL and think its a waste of time....but Jamin has turned me into a freak and I'm starting to like it and understand it....I'm not sure how I feel about this but we will see how it goes!

Utah State Fair

I love September for one reason.....I LOVE THE STATE FAIR! The fair is a family tradition ever since we moved to Utah! We go every year! This year me and Jamin went twice once with my lovely parents and then again with my sista and her family! I love going to the fair it brings back so many memories of when I was little! I love looking at all the animals and I swear every year I go there have a new animal there like this year they had kangaroos they were so cute jumping around every where I want one now, I also I got to pet a baby kangaroo it was the cutest thing ever! We got to have some tasty food that I still dream about! Here are a few pictures ENJOY!

My cute little teddy bear!

sleepy piggy


a midget cow it was really so cute I want one so bad! (and its not a baby)

Me and Jamin I love him!

Cute carrot!


The kangaroo it was so cute!