Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My Kauai Adventures

This summer I moved to Hawaii to live with my sister of a while and try something new even though it didn't last long I had the time of my life! For her 28th birthday we decided to take a girls trip to Kauai. At first it was just me and April and one of her good friends Carol. Then I got the best news bestest friend Emily was coming out to Hawaii to visit me just in time for a Kauai. I was so happy I couldn't wait for Emily to come!! It felt like I had waited FOEVER!

Kauai was amazing.......probably my favorite island!! We did a lot of sight seeing. Hiking to waterfall! One of my favorite things we did on kauai. Was a 15 minute hike to Kipu Falls a 20ft waterfall..........after standing on top of the waterfall for about 30 minutes me and Emily decided to jump..................after jumping and getting back to the top April was like I didn't get a picture there was a guy in the I had to jump again! The second time wasn't as hard as the first! I just want to thank my sister for the BEST summer ever!!