Saturday, September 3, 2011

The past year.....

Sorry its been so long...I'm going to be better at blogging! So a LOT has happen in the past and Jamin both got new jobs a year ago. Jamin works for a company called install pro and lets just say that he is looking for a new one haha! He has been working hard so at UVU and is hoping he only has 2 years left. He is studying History Education with a minor in Spanish. He loves school so much I have to beg him to sluff school and hang out with!

I left my friends at the Willey for no more weekends or holidays and better pay...for an Excel Eye Center...I LOVE my job....I've learned so much about eyes! I love working with the patients and the doctors I work for are amazing. I don't do much but work full time I wish I was going to school and I want to go back to school ...but I don't fill like getting more in to debt yet haha one day I will go back I hope!


April said...

I like your new back round!
Keep up the good blogging. I am glad you got new jobs, LOL.

Liam and Amy said...

Um...I'm glad you love your job ;)