Saturday, September 3, 2011


So in Oct. before we moved we asked our landlord if we could have a pet and she said one day I was really sick and Jamin was helping his parents and my mom and sister were taking care of me I asked them if we could stop at the pet store and just look......when we walked in I went straight to the kitties! To my surprise they had orange tabbies which is the kind of kitty I wanted so I picked one out to just hold and snuggle. As soon as I picked her up I told my sister I'm never putting back and I left the store with the worlds cutest orange kitty! I names her Weasly I know she is a girl but she is orange and it just had to be her name! I never told Jamin I was getting her so he was pretty surprised when he got home! We hadn't moved yet so we had to hide our cute kitty for a few weeks and she came every where with me! She even had a sleep over with me Emma and Reese one night! She fits in our family so prefect!


frizzles16 said...

I'm glad to see you back in the blogosphere!! :D

Matthew and Katherine Kerr said...

Omgosh, that is the exact kitten I want! I want an orange kitten soooooo bad! I tell Matt that every day!