Monday, July 20, 2009

My little Chunky Monkey!


My Little Princess Charlie!

Me and my tiny puppy! I love her! She was the best puppy ever!

Me and Charlie on Halloween!

Our first trip with Charlie dog to San Franisco to share Christmas with April! She was a little joy to have in the car haha!

On Saturday our Charlie dog passed away! Charlie was the best little puppy always wanting to play with you go for walks or go buhbye in the car! Always up for a snuggle or just a belly rub! I sure am gonna miss my little puppy...but I know she is in a better place where she can see and run again!


frizzles16 said...

I'm sorry that you had to work that day, you're a trooper. I couldn't even handle sitting in church when our dog died, let alone talk with people and try to be pleasant and friendly with customers. I know how you feel though bud, it's rough.

April said...

Love ya Laura...and yes, she was such a good puppy.!