Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Happy Birthday April!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SISTA!! April gives everyone else a birthday blog so I thought that I would write her one!! My sista is the best!! She always listens to me vent about things and helps me feel better! I don't think a day goes by that we don't talk on the phone or text each other! We have shared some of the best memories together!!But one of my favorites is you being able to come through the temple with me!! I hope you had an awesome birthday and sorry this post is a week late haha! Love you sista!

Drinkin the pineapple drink at the PPC!!

Ironing my dress....she also woke up really early and made me some yummy breakfast!

April and me in Kauai this was one of the best trips she took me on!

Here we are with our Twilight books.....we bought one at first but I'm a slow reader so April went and bought another one haha!


April said...

Awe! Thanks Laura, I always wanted my own birthday blog. I love you so much and thanks for being my BFF!

Emma and Cody said...

Sorry I am too LAME to make birthday blogs. Maybe it will be a New Years resolution next year. Maybe not. Love you guys!