Sunday, July 26, 2009

Days of 47 Rodeo!!

The days of 47 rodeo was one of the best rodeos I've seen! They had some awesome half time shows.....also the Prophet was there too he was sitting across from us so it was hard to get a picture but he was there it was awesome!

My sister inlaw Jailee and my little cousin Kylee enjoying the rodeo

ride 'em cowboy....also if you look really close you can see the prophet in the suit in the back ground! AWESOME!


This is whiplash the monkey riding dog it was the funniest thing I have ever seen! I'm going to post a video!


frizzles16 said...

Lucky!! I love the rodeo!! But guess what else I love? The fact that you are training in credit in a couple weeks!!! That means we will actually get to work together sometimes!! Sweet!!

April said...

I actually saw the prophet in that picture, too cool. Jaylee is so cute!

Also, Jamin has something on his face.

Granny said...

Jamin did you just have a butterscotch ice cream. There is a little on your chin. Laura hand him a napkin,Ha Ha! Just teasing a little that really doesn't look bad.