Sunday, September 7, 2008

Shayla and Layne's Wedding

Sealed Together August 21st 2008
in the Salt Lake Temple!
The happy couple coming out of the temple...
Shayla looked so PRETTY!! It brought tears to me eyes!

Emily, Me and Heidi (Shaylas cute little sister) having some fun!!
BEST FRIENDS FOREVER!! I'm a little sad that my best friend got married....but I couldn't be happier for her. Her and Layne are 2 AMAZING people...I'm so lucky to have friends like them in life! I want to thank them for all that they do and did for me and making it possible for me to come home and share this special day with them!! I love you guys!


Emma and Cody said...

Shay does look pretty hot!! Weird that she is married... But I am glad her day was great! And I better bring tears to your eyes too!

The Bosko Family said...

I am glad you got to go home too, even though it meant you leaving and NOT coming back!
Shay looked beautiful.

I like your new blog and pictures!

Fox Family said...

I like your new look! Such fun pictures - it was a great day! So glad you were there to share it with us!

Emma and Cody said...

your really one to talk!

Cindy Melissa said...

Tell Shay I said CONGRATS!! that is awesome she got married!! :D