Monday, February 1, 2010


I know its a little late but I'm a slow blogger and I don't have the internet. But Christmas was AWESOME this year here a some picture I didn't take much cuz my camera is lame! I should have asked for a new!!

Our lovely Christmas tree!!

Jamin got me Jillian Michael's Ultimate Fitness 2010.....I think it more like Jillian Michael's BUTT KICKING 2010

ROCK BAND!! I've wanted this game for the longest time so I bought it for Jamin we have so much fun rocking out together we don't make much for a band cuz there is only 2 of us but its still fun! I think we need to find friends to make a band!!


Layne and Shayla said...

ha ha invite me and layner! we'll come be your band friends!

April said...

When I come can I be the singer??? I love your first Christmas tree...
Happy Christmas.