Wednesday, April 29, 2009


For our Honeymoon Jamin took me to Moab. It was the funniest weekend of my life! We did some hiking and shopping....It was fun to spend the weekend with my new husband! He is the best ever! I love him so much!

Granny & Gramps were on there way back to New Mexico so they made a pit stop and had lunch with me and Jamin at the Moab Diner....I ate one of the best hamburgers ever! Thanks for lunch Granny & Gramps we love you!

This was our first arch we hiked to I believe it was called Sandy was very pretty the hike in was all sandy it was like I was on the beach again only it was freezing!


Taking a rest on our hike!

At Delicate Arch....this is one of my favorite arches!

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The Bosko Family said...

Looks like fun.
Even though I hate hiking we should go down there together sometime to see all the arches.