Monday, June 9, 2008

Mr. Krabs!

My first Hawaiian friend is a native, he can be a little crabby sometimes haha!! But he sure is fun to play with and poke with sticks! After about 10 minutes of chasing him up and down Kualoa Beach I finally caught him in my 7Eleven cup I was so happy!!! I get up in the mornings poke around in the sand to make sure he is still alive....then I give him a little bit of breakfast.....he isn't a big eater but he sure does love those Crabby Patties! I did have a tiny baby crab named Pearl but poo head Jason made me let her go he said " you don't need two crabs and Mr. Krabs will eat her anyways." What the freak does he know about crabs???


Emma & Cody said...

He looks like a very nice crab. And Jason was a little right! I think Mr Krabs would have eaten Pearl! But his house looks nice.

Bates said...

hey you what's up? i love that you have a blog! i'm happy to hear that all is well in Hawaii and you are having fun. i'm so jealous and wish that i could visit with tara and megel. i hope all is well and i miss ya. blog me. lvoe ya

SPrice said...

Well,I sure miss you. I can tell you are loving Hawaii coz you look so happy! I am glad for you! I heard my song on your blog! I guess I will share. Have a shave ice from Matsumoto's for me. Have a LiHing Mui! My Fav! I love this so I can keep in touch! You have to be faithful and update often! Love, your oldest friend alive! Me!